Subject RE: [IBDI] Source under NDA
Author Alan McDonald
I think I've misunderstood the motzilla license paradigm if you are talking
about forking. I thought you had to go back to Interbase for them to fork -
where can I get some info on this?

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>Subject: Re: [IBDI] Source under NDA
>From: Helen Borrie <helebor@...>
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>>From: Ann Harrison <harrison@...>
>> >Why can't the Source code be released under a tempory NDA to
>build up the
>> >knowledge base for when the source comes out for real?
>>That's and interesting thought and one I'd like to pass back
>>to the community. Here are the things that need to be done
>>before the code is released, officially.
>> References to licensing must be removed.
>> Conditional code for obsolete ports, etc. must be removed.
>> The build procedures must be fixed so it will build on
>> systems other than the ones in Scotts Valley.
>>Only the last one will take any significant amount of time.
>>Would there be value to a "private release" before the build
>>procedures were fixed?
>Yes: I see several benefits -
>1. the one Dan mentioned, of giving coders a preview of things
>like coding
>standards, etc.
>2. IMMENSE one of convincing people that Inprise isn't stalling with some
>sinister intent to renege on the open-sourcing
>3. lets people (e.g. Kylix beta developers, et al.) in on what are going
>to be the issues when coding tools for IB on the various platforms
>4. those interested in open source who have given up and gone away will
>come back before it's too late
>5. open source developers have a basis on which to organise themselves
>1. It will have to be pretty private until the infrastructure for open
>source development is in place, otherwise IB6 could start life
>with umpteen
>out-of-control forks
>2. There has to be SOME way to make it absolutely clear that it's in
>preview mode and is NOT open yet. As far as the general open source
>community is concerned, it has to be known to be still Black Box until the
>source is officially opened for development
>I expect there are other code control/checkout
>facilities and
>access to the tools for that.
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