Subject Re: [IBDI] Source under NDA
Author Olivier Mascia
Yes, Ann, there could be a value to a private release,
even if we cannot build the thing. Any future contributing programmer
will first need to review the existing code for hours, days, weeks before
being able to contribute in any valuable way.

This is a very personal opinion, but I would be glad to start such
a review and learning process as soon as possible. I think there are
so much things to learn from the sources themselves, without even
compiling them.

On the other side, this is not a critical issue.
I mean : if you can do such a 'review only' private release without
too much additional work, then I would appreciate it be done. If this
complicates too much the current source cleanup process, then let's
forget about this.

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Subject: Re: [IBDI] Source under NDA

> From: Ann Harrison <harrison@...>
> >Why can't the Source code be released under a tempory NDA to build up the
> >knowledge base for when the source comes out for real?
> That's and interesting thought and one I'd like to pass back
> to the community. Here are the things that need to be done
> before the code is released, officially.
> References to licensing must be removed.
> Conditional code for obsolete ports, etc. must be removed.
> The build procedures must be fixed so it will build on
> systems other than the ones in Scotts Valley.
> Only the last one will take any significant amount of time.
> Would there be value to a "private release" before the build
> procedures were fixed?
> Ann