Subject Re: [IBDI] Source under NDA
I agree with helen second point
>>2. IMMENSE one of convincing people that Inprise isn't stalling with
>>sinister intent to renege on the open-sourcing

there is lots of stuff on SlashDot that shows this is not an uncommon
misconception amoung many misconceptions.

But I disagree with her first "Caveats"
>>1. It will have to be pretty private until the infrastructure for open
>>source development is in place, otherwise IB6 could start life with
>>out-of-control forks

because one or two half baked forks might help us work out the issues
involved with getting the source to release standard.

>>I expect there are other code control/checkout facilities
>>access to the tools for that.
The private release should be just text files.

The more I think about a private release the more I think it is essental.
Every hour it is delayed is an hour missed in which the IB communitity
could be building momentum for a running start when the source is released.

Daniel Work