Subject ES/6000
Author Robert F. Tulloch

I am absolutely positive that this does not belong here but any
quickies response appreciated.

We had a problem here with an RS/6000 7013. Shut it down
normally. Unplugged it from outlet for some reason and next
morning with power switch on, plugged it in and nothing. With
power supply out of box an plugged in, no fan and nor on
connectors. That is probably due to lack of feedback via logic
signal. However, same when PS is back in box and all 8000
connectors hooked up.

1. This is a stupid question but we can't remember. When switch
is turned on it of course takes a while to power up but the led
next to power switch does not come on. Does that led wait also or
is it supposed to come on as soon as switched to on position?

2. Is there a NG around anywhere for RS/6000? (Not the IBM tech