Subject Re: [IBDI] ES/6000
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:28 PM 26-10-00 -0400, you wrote:
> I am absolutely positive that this does not belong here but any
>quickies response appreciated.

Quick response from me as Moderator - take this to your tech support.
It is WAAAY off topic.

(fwiw, that LED *is* the indicator that tells you the system is connected
to the power outlet.)
Have a look at the switch on the power supply and check that an incorrect
voltage isn't set. My expce with IBM boxes is that they self-protect when
the input current is wrong. My other expce with IBM hardware OEMs is that
they void your warranty if you open the box.

Others - please respond PRIVATELY if you have some input.

Thank you.


> We had a problem here with an RS/6000 7013. Shut it down
>normally. Unplugged it from outlet for some reason and next
>morning with power switch on, plugged it in and nothing. With
>power supply out of box an plugged in, no fan and nor on
>connectors. That is probably due to lack of feedback via logic
>signal. However, same when PS is back in box and all 8000
>connectors hooked up.
> 1. This is a stupid question but we can't remember. When switch
>is turned on it of course takes a while to power up but the led
>next to power switch does not come on. Does that led wait also or
>is it supposed to come on as soon as switched to on position?
> 2. Is there a NG around anywhere for RS/6000? (Not the IBM tech
> Best
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