Subject Aliases (Re: Release version)
Author Syarzhuk Kazachenka
I think one more useful addition would be not to require the remote
clients to specify the exact file name. It would be nice if there
was an option for the DBA to store the database alias and the path
to the gdb file somewhere (in isc4.gdb? btw, terrible name - iirc,
this stands for "interbase software corporation version 4 of groton
database", right?) so that the client could connect to, say "MainDB"
and Server would look for MainDB and connect to the right gdb file.

This, I think, will eliminate some security concerns and will make
administrating much easier (for example, if I add a new disk and want
to move the database there, all I'll need to do is change an alias
record, but the application could still connect to the same alias)

Just a thought


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