Subject Re: [IBDI] Aliases (Re: Release version)
Author Ann Harrison
At 10:30 AM 10/10/2000 -0400, Syarzhuk Kazachenka wrote:
>I think one more useful addition would be not to require the remote
>clients to specify the exact file name.

That's really only a problem for Windows users ... though I
guess there are a lot of Windows users, making it a larger

>It would be nice if there
>was an option for the DBA to store the database alias and the path
>to the gdb file somewhere

Right - it would.

>(in isc4.gdb? btw, terrible name - iirc,
>this stands for "interbase software corporation version 4 of groton
>database", right?)

There are so many problems with isc4.gdb that I hate to tie any
useful capability to it. It's insecure, it breaks the architecture ...

>so that the client could connect to, say "MainDB"
>and Server would look for MainDB and connect to the right gdb file.

Right. Database aliasing is a good idea ... but at the moment, I'm not
sure that I know the right way to do it, which makes it a bad choice
for a quick release. However, it's on the list of desired features.