Subject XML
Message: 2
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 10:55:58 -0300
From: Marcos.Nobre@...
Subject: XML !?!?!

Hi all.

The apache group is doing alot with XML ( and a product I
have been looking at which is based on the apache stuff called Enhydra
( also does alot with XML.

Mike Karrys
PRC Public Sector Inc.

I am interesting on knowing , learning and understanding the concepts of

Can anyone help me to obtain any kind of information about this ?

Obviously, I prefer some kind of info, related with InterBase.

As I could see there is a necessity of having the "XML Server" running
in the same network wich is running the "Web Server" and "SQL Server".
Is that correct ?

Could anyone give me some info about where can I find a free "XML
Server" for Linux or Windows ?

Does anybody knows or uses "BuzzTalk" Microsoft XML Server ?


Marcos Nobre.