Subject EVENT :: Open Source Conference
Author Helen Borrie

Open Source Database Summit October 30-31, 2000 San Jose, California
OSDN, with support from Nusphere, will be holding a two day summit on Open
Source database technology, held October 30-31 at the Hayes Mansion
Conference Center in San Jose, California. Registration is $995 for
corporate participants and $495 for academic participants. Registration and
information is available at

This should be an exciting event for anyone working on an Open Source
database project, or anyone involved in deploying Open Source database
technology within their company. We worked hard to bring together a
stellar cast of speakers, including: - MySQL lead developers David
Axmark and Monty Widenius; - PostgreSQL developer and author Bruce
Momjian; - Sleepycat/Berkeley DB developer Mike Olson; - InterBase
guru Ann Harrison - database experts from Nusphere, Great Bridge,
VA Linux, and Open Sales.

This is a developer to developer event, not a trade show extravaganza.
Substantive technical sessions, an emphasis on workshop format where
developers can really share and exchange ideas, and a great opportunity
to meet face to face with the leading database programmers in the
Open Source community.
For more information, visit our website at or call us at 978-635-5300
ext. 211.

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