Subject Re: [IBDI] Certifed IB6
Author Helen Borrie

Some questions about this, if you have time....

At 09:38 AM 05-10-00 -0700, Shaunak wrote:

>Inprise will run various tests to test the functionality, stability and
>performance of the 6.0 kit, and make sure 6.0 passes all these tests. This
>version of IB 6.0 will be the certified IB 6.0 kit.

Experience shows that, although all of the TCS testing was done in the
run-up to the 6.0 release, on the day, the 6.0 builds were re-done under
the directive of Inprise management and the 6.0 release went out with NO

Does your comment signal that the Inprise-built release is not "certified"
?? Do you have any knowledge of what will be considered a "certified" build?

>What it means to InterBase 6.0 users is that it will be the kit for which
>you can buy support from Inprise. (Currently Inprise only sells support for
>5.6 and lower).

So customers can't buy support from Inprise at present, because there are
no certified builds?

>Shaunak Mistry.


> AFAIK, Inprise is going to internally certify IB 6.0.

What does "internally certify" indicate? Do you know whether this means
Inprise plans to hire a QA team for InterBase?



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