Subject (unknown)
Author Reed F. M.
>>From: "Rob Schuff" <robertsc@...>
>>Oracle has a product called oracle 8i lite I think.
Brian Muegge Wrote:

> The long and the short of it is, these programs
> appear to be complete re-writes of the originals, implementing a
> subset of the API for each. In other words, I think there would
> be a lot more to creating a Palm version of Interbase than simply
> porting the existing source code.
This is most likely true. Although IB was ported
to 16 bit windows (the client and local server) this was
a terrible kludge, and I think that all of us shuddered
at the idea of doing more work in that kind of environment.
Given sufficiant motivation, I'm sure it's possible,
but maybe not worth the effort. Interclient on palm
might have more promise, although I suppose a JVM on palm
is kind of a pig too. I recall some project to port the
linux kernel to palm as well, so if that actually worked,
maybe you could build the ib linux version for it. I suspect
that would be more than just a recompile too.
I believe that Mark Duquette looked into porting IB to WinCE
(This was before palm took off) and the final descision was
that the team was already too overworked to take it on. Just
as well considering the fate of WinCE. ;-)
> I really like the idea of porting the client API, however,
> especially since the Palm OS-based Symbol SPT 1700 has optional
> built-in wireless networking support. This could open up some
> great opportunities in warehouse or retail environments.
It certainly would. This is the kind of thing that IB could
never justify the engineering cost of based on the speculated
return, but people in the community could do with great success.
Of course you might find that when you were done, the new
generation of plams were out and running on something like the
transmeta chip, and you could use the standard linux or windows
versions on them. ;-)


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