Subject Re: (unknown)
Author Jason Wharton
>From: "Reed F. M." <rfm@...>
>Of course you might find that when you were done, the new
>generation of plams were out and running on something like the
>transmeta chip, and you could use the standard linux or windows
>versions on them. ;-)

I agree with this entirely. InterBase will be among the first to run as a
whole on this type of environment because it is already such a small
footprint. I don't think it can be taken any smaller without in effect doing
a total scratch rewrite.

I think waiting until it is feasible to run the ibserver itself is the best
plan of action.

I also agree that porting the client interface should be done asap so that
client/server apps can be written with PalmOS clients. I understand that
they are capable of live connections via wireless. Let's just wait to get
the server itself running on a Palm-type device. They may come to us via

My $0.02 worth.

Jason Wharton
InterBase Developer Initiative

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