Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Special Relativity and the Problem of Data Scalability, Take 2
Author Jim Starkey
Paul Ruizendaal wrote:
> Thanks for the clarifications. You know (and abhore) that I tend to
> catagorize things into elements I already know. My current understanding of
> Nimbus is mentally filed under "SQL on top of Coherence"; not accurate I
> know, but it captures the concept for me.
I like that. In my mind's eye, I see a SQL engine floating in a sea of

> No, I wasn't aware of the vandalise, scandalise thing. Dutch spell
> checkers tend to garble it into "Duizendstraal", loosely translating as
> "Thousand Beam". My name derives from "Ruyschdael", which in the
> 1500-1700's was a fortified farm house some 40 miles south-east of
> Amsterdam. Apparently several farming families (and one family of painters)
> used it as their last name. When Napoleon introduced the population
> register, it was written down as "Ruyschendael", and some 40 years later my
> great-great-great-grandfather changed it into its current form
> "Ruizendaal", which I'm told he thought was more modern. The farm house
> gets its name from the guy who built it in 1498, Dirck Ruysch, mayor of
> Amsterdam at the time. I don't know where his name derives from.
> Paul
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