Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Special Relativity and the Problem of Data Scalability, Take 2
Author Paul Ruizendaal
Thanks for the clarifications. You know (and abhore) that I tend to
catagorize things into elements I already know. My current understanding of
Nimbus is mentally filed under "SQL on top of Coherence"; not accurate I
know, but it captures the concept for me.

No, I wasn't aware of the vandalise, scandalise thing. Dutch spell
checkers tend to garble it into "Duizendstraal", loosely translating as
"Thousand Beam". My name derives from "Ruyschdael", which in the
1500-1700's was a fortified farm house some 40 miles south-east of
Amsterdam. Apparently several farming families (and one family of painters)
used it as their last name. When Napoleon introduced the population
register, it was written down as "Ruyschendael", and some 40 years later my
great-great-great-grandfather changed it into its current form
"Ruizendaal", which I'm told he thought was more modern. The farm house
gets its name from the guy who built it in 1498, Dirck Ruysch, mayor of
Amsterdam at the time. I don't know where his name derives from.