Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Special Relativity and the Problem of Data Scalability, Take 2
Author Milan Babuskov
Jim Starkey wrote:
>> Hmm... alice, burp, dudley, jrd... Do you really expect clear names from Jim? :-)
> Ann named Alice ("all else"), not me. And my parent named me Jim
> (actually James), so jrd isn't my fault either, since the original jrd
> was an advanced development project at DEC and mine, all mine. Guilty
> on the rest (but what's the beef with _b_ack _u_p and _r_estore _p_rogram).

Germans don't mind for sure: backup und restore program ;)

In fact, only jrd is inconsistent, it should have been: Jared or
something similar ;)

Milan Babuskov

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