Subject Re: embedding Lua as procedural language
Author woodsmailbox
> First, Firebird language is PSQL, not pl/SQL. :-)

In the context of the discussion, it's a more uniform naming scheme,
don't u agree? :) ah I guess PLUA's ok too.

> You don't need even to convince anyone, just do it. :-)

I'd be glad to, but you save time by convincing someone else, don't u
think? my job made me think like that, shame on me :)

Seriously though, I'll give it a serious thought, but I gotta see this
API first. I'd need it to allow me to keep a pool of interpreter
contexts alive server-wide, so I won't have to alloc/init a new one
for every procedure/trigger call. Also, I'd need type information on
input and output parameters (domains too!). We'll see.

...or maybe I can trade in something even more useful to the community
in exchange of CORE-2143 :) I apologize, must work on that habit
before posting another message :)