Subject embedding Lua as procedural language
Author woodsmailbox
Hi. Found strange that there's no mention of Lua in devel list,
tracker, or support list, so I'll bring this up here, sorta like a
feature request.

Pros to pl/Lua:
- Lua is *designed* for embedding, so its binding API gotta be clean
and stable (people like Adobe and Blizzard already bet on it).
- it's aligned to firebird's major design philosophy points:
fast(1a, 1b) and small(2).
- it's only data structure is the table-- that says a lot.
- it's arguably closer to lisp in expressiveness power than to php,
python or perl.

- not a mainstream language unfortunately, so limited user target
(but advanced features always have a limited target, and that doesn't
diminish their importance, and besides, I think firebird users are
well into the league).
- you won't be getting any fancy libraries like you get with java.
- anything else? please comment.





(2)"Lua is only 17000 lines of C code. Under Linux, the Lua
interpreter built with all standard Lua libraries takes 153K and the
Lua library takes 203K"