Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] External engines - metadata
Author Roman Rokytskyy
>> a) it does[/did?] not fit the roadmap (remember, we wanted
>> desperately FB 3.0 beta 1 this year?)
> It seems there are people more interested in 1.5. :-)

Well, then they don't need external engines :)

> I think this doesn't make much sense.
> When we talk about roadmap, as I understand, it's more about human
> resources (time).
> But if old code is maintained and synced *in off* (the external engine
> is synced with HEAD accordingly to Vlad), time is wasted without benefit
> users.

Depends on the point of view. It is synced with HEAD (at least my copy,
but I think Vlad's as well), but it is not compatible (?) with the
upcoming SQL functions and procedures, since we did not decide on that one.

> Ok. I can start prepare my letters about the interface and the Java
> plugin. ;-)

What exactly are you looking for in Java plugin? The original idea was
that we have a common interface and different implementations (BTW, do
you know about the .NET stored procedures? they're there as well)... So
I'd stop there... especially when we have to consider Delphi
problematics - there's different database access components with
different interfaces.