Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] External engines - metadata
Author Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
Roman Rokytskyy escreveu:
> Depends on the point of view. It is synced with HEAD (at least my copy,
> but I think Vlad's as well), but it is not compatible (?) with the
> upcoming SQL functions and procedures, since we did not decide on that one.
We have stored procedures and external (UDF) functions.

New external functions is kind of UDF.

We don't need UDP (user defined procedures).

So considering external engines, we have everything we need except
stored functions.

What I'm trying? Figure out how to manage all this in our system tables. :-)

>> Ok. I can start prepare my letters about the interface and the Java
>> plugin. ;-)
> What exactly are you looking for in Java plugin? The original idea was
> that we have a common interface and different implementations (BTW, do
> you know about the .NET stored procedures? they're there as well)... So
> I'd stop there... especially when we have to consider Delphi
> problematics - there's different database access components with
> different interfaces.
I can't say much about the Java plugin, since the only thing I've about
it is Fyracle functions samples.

But from previous discussions, I understand that user should compile
sources and put classes in a directory that's in the server classpath.

How user upload classes to server, though FTP or something else?

How user update classes, restarting the server?

How security is handled?

(if one can send the Java plugin sources to me, I say thanks. :-) )

I'm using Java in Oracle, they store everything (AFAIU) in the database.

I think mixed (filesystem and plugin tables) approach to store classes
would be much better.

But this is not to be discussed in this topic, as this one is about core
work to support plugins.