Subject Re: Gpre & the SQL parser
Author Stephen Boyd
--- In, "Claudio Valderrama C."
<cvalde@...> wrote:
> I know COBOL, I used RM-COBOL years ago (don't ask me how much I
> but I didn't hate it).

So I'm not the only one. :)

> I try to maintain gpre (with your help), isql (as I write, I'm
testing some
> code reorganization I did), dyn (inside the engine), sometimes qli
and from
> time to time I unearth some pieces of code that are still lying in our
> repository but that are ignored by the current build process in all
> platforms.

I do appreciate your help with posting my changes and prettying up my
code to meet the FB coding standards. You have been quite patient
with me.

I guess that GPRE is my pet peeve, because I use it. Not just for
Cobol but for C as well. Am I really that wrong in thinking that GPRE
should be consistent with DSQL?

I mentioned isql & gsec because it would be nice to have a light
weight visual version of gsec and isql that is installed with
Firebird, not something you have to hunt down and install separately.
Command line stuff is ok for IT types but I deploy Firebird into
places with no IT staff whatsoever and it would be nice if they could
have a simple way to add/change/delete their own Firebird users
without me having to build it into my application.

> At least from my POV, dudley/gdef is dead, hence I stopped paying
> to it.

I don't even know what dudley and gdef are so you are a step ahead of me.