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> m_theologos wrote:
> > In all my posts I try to be as efficient as I can, pointing out
> > features which can be implemented relatively quick in order to
> > to the market what is needed _now_
> There are UDF libraries available _now_ that solve the need for
> POSITION. Why not use those, and let developers spend time on other
> important issues?
> --
> Milan Babuskov

Also, from the marketing aside:

- "The SQL standard function POSITION isn't supported by Firebird.
... You and I we both know that this _isn't_ the truth. But this cold
sentence (and many like these) keep away many users from Firebird.
And, IMHO, isn't fair.

Have a look (especially Dmitry to assign to someone. To the Doc team
perhaps?... perhaps you can do something?) at (especially)


...where in a very 'circulated' place ( the Firebird is
in a much darker light than the reality.


m. th.

PS: Sorry about this slightly off-topic...