Subject problem with CollationKit
Author donoteatcarrot
Hello, Mr David Schnepper.

I found a message posted on Wed Aug 27, 2003
(though a little old ^^;).
The message discussed about CollationKit.

and you mentioned:
>Agreed. That's the purpose of the special entry in the collation
>driver interface -- which is used to support starting_with
>and "like 'abc%'". It gives a "partial key" for the string,
>using primary collation only - so that the partial key can be
>used for a range search against the index.

What dose "special entry" mean ?
I made a "EN_UK_NOCASE" collation by following the instruction of the
And also tested the following statement successfully:
[select * from TABLENAME where FIELDNAME='A';]
It returned the result 'A' and 'a'.
But for
[select * from TABLENAME where FIELDNAME like '%A%';]
Only returned 'A'.

How could I make a collation that works good with "like" ?

Best regards,