Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Crypto Code
Author Jim Starkey
Alexander Klenin wrote:

>On Apr 9, 2005 2:06 AM, Ann W. Harrison <aharrison@...> wrote:
>>>Not true. By excluding developers who prefer to license their work
>>>under GPL, he did exclude whole lot of developers, just different ones
>>>than those who are excluded by GPL.
>>How so? The Free Software Foundation considers BSD a compatible license
>> so BSD-licensed code can ship as part of an overall GPL product.
>>Who's excluded?
If you follow your link, you will find that IPL and IDPL are legally
incompatible with GPL, and linking a program containing code from each
is illegal. This is assinine, but expected.

Since, by FSF policy, it is illegal to link any part of Firebird with
any GPLed code, the BSD license is moot. If you use GPL, you can't use
Firebird. Firebird doesn't care, but the "Free" Software Foundation may
sue you.

If you want to use GPL, please go somewhere else.