Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Crypto Code
Author Jim Starkey
Alexander Klenin wrote:

>Please notice the distinction I (and FSF too) made between
>old-BSD-style license (which is SSLeay licensed under), and new-BSD,
>which is used today.
>The difference is precisely that -- new-BSD does not exclude anybody,
>whether commercial or open-source, while old-BSD did.
Sir, perhaps you could explain something that has puzzled me for
sometime. Why is MySQL, which requires that any developer contributing
to the project assign their copyrights to a private corporation
considered by the Free Software Foundation to be an exemplary open
source project, while Firebird, which asks no more than that it's code
be available to all comers subject only to a requirement to publish
changes that are themselves distributed is a pariah? I can understand
the personal mental pathology of a single individual, but otherwise
rational people follow his ravings is utterly beyond me.