Subject [Firebird-Architect] Attn moderators - are posistive posts (on dev) noticed? was Attn Paulo Gaspar...
Author Paulo Gaspar
With all respect Helen,

It is disappointing that while I already got (rightly) reprehended twice
for my rude post here on FB-Architect, and even warned I would be moded
out... one seems to have noticed and moded IN a couple of posts (on
Memory Pools and C++ techniques) I made on FB-devel which, I believe,
have some technical merith.

Paulo Gaspar

Helen Borrie wrote:

>At 04:21 AM 17/02/2005 +0100, you wrote:
>>Hi Paul,
>>Well, while Jim often acts as an arrogant t**d,
>Paulo, care to look up that t-word in a dictionary? I'd hate to have to
>mod you off this list but we can do without this in our list archives,
>thank you.