Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Attn moderators - are posistive posts (on dev) noticed? was Attn Paulo Gaspar...
Author Paulo Gaspar
Please ignore the previous (quoted at the end of this message) complain
and accept yet another
set of apologies.

Turns out that it had to do with a weird conjunction of email
configurations between my email
client, my email server and the way this list is configured.

Paulo Gaspar

Paulo Gaspar wrote:

>With all respect Helen,
>It is disappointing that while I already got (rightly) reprehended twice
>for my rude post here on FB-Architect, and even warned I would be moded
> one seems to have noticed and moded IN a couple of posts (on
>Memory Pools and C++ techniques) I made on FB-devel which, I believe,
>have some technical merith.
>Paulo Gaspar