Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Error Reporting in New API
Author Paulo Gaspar
First, I think that you were not explicit at all about meaning "both of
them" on your post.

Second, I only meant to atack their attitude and not their persons.

You droped the POSITIVE remarks I made about them:
"while both Jim and Dimitry are two of the most brilliant posters on
this list..."

and then, just after the regretable bit:
"It would be amazingly great if they spent more time ADDING

I don't call "brilliant" to anyone I come across on the street.

In the end, I cricticized their attitude as you did.

So, the problem has to be the language I used, and I already excused
myself about that.

Paulo Gaspar

Paul Beach wrote:

>>Well, while Jim often acts as an arrogant t*%d, the fact is that Dimitry
>>was not doing any better.
>I was aware of it, and you are not improving matters....
>Jim - this is not acceptable, nor should anybody else be doing this.
>i.e. both of them are being as bad as each other.
>You have just done exactly the same by being dragged into personal
>>Which is hardly a compliment to any one these two.
>I noticed.