Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Things to consider?
Author Milan Babuskov
tomconlon7777777 wrote:
> - Unlikely. Maybe a default collation, but declaring a whole
> - database one way or the other strikes me as overkill.
> No, it's not overkill; it's the opposite. It's:
> 1. Relatively _simple_ to implement (one would assume).
> 2. Found to be *profoundly missing by new users*.
> 3. Embraced by main competitors.
> 4. *Highly desired* by existing users.
> 5. Eradicates shadow column/trigger 'non-sense'. Hallelulyah.
> 6. 'Declaring fields where case is insignificant with a case
> insensitive collation should do the trick.'
> Column-by-column declarations? Yes, that's some 'trick' indeed.
> We are not getting any younger - think of the extra typing alone!
> What did McEnroe say '...You cannot be serious!"
> This, IMO, is *not a real world perspective*.
> - It is isn't necessary to desirable to declare a whole database
> - as case insensitive.
> Ohhhh yes it is. But I don't know enough to know if a default
> collation is sufficient to satisfy the needs.

Perhaps a database administration tool could fix this "issue"? Let's say
you set the default collation in it, and it add collation to each new
column automatically. Of course, you would have to use admin. tools that
have such feature.

Milan Babuskov