Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Things to consider?
Author Milan Babuskov
tomconlon7777777 wrote:
>>>4. Views where you don't have to specify return datatypes.
>>Please provide an example.
> Competitors can surmise output datatypes directly from select
> statements. It is a nice to have.

Are you talking about UNIONs here? If not, please give example. I
haven't had any trouble tracking the datatype from select statement.
Which components you use for access?

>>>7. Export DUMP options to SQL statements, XML, etc
>>There are already a number of third-party tools (free) which do this.
>>Why would the project 're-invent the wheel'?
> IMO this should be part of the core (esp. dump to SQL) and not have to
> be provided by 3rd party. New users will be surprised, then dismayed,
> that this isn't provided.

It will be part of FlameRobin. In fact, in the current version you can
do a "select", mark everything in the resulting grid, and select "Copy
to clipboard as INSERTS" from the context menu. Sounds like a "dump to
SQL" to me.

> By the time they go on to realise there are no 'system' functions, no
> auto-inc datatype, no case-insensitive search switch they'll resemble
> a water fountain.

These are the issues that a short "Firebird HOWTO" document could
handle, in case they don't have The Book.

Milan Babuskov