Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Things to consider?
Author Milan Babuskov
tomconlon7777777 wrote:
> I've seen it, IMO it is impressive and perhaps is a good candidate for
> adoption as the standard cross-platform GUI tool with FB.
> What are the other open source alternatives?

FlameRobin project was started as an answer to that question ;)

There are open source projects, but AFAIK, only completely open source
(meaning: all tools needed to build it are also open source) in
ibWebAdmin. It's a web app, so you need PHP + Apache to run it.

There is also ibAccess, which is written in Kylix, so you could count it
in, and there are perhaps others (check IBPhoenix/Firebirdsql website
for the list). But, FlameRobin is the only one that looks and works
natively on all platforms.

Milan Babuskov