Subject RE: [Firebird-Architect] Nice to have features for ISP's Hosting FB (imo)
Author Simon Carter
> It shouldn't be difficult at all. A quick iteration through
> the configuration object to find the function declaration
> then a zip through each function to pick up the parameters,
> check the results into the FunctionManager (which also needs
> to be written), and Bob's your uncle.
> Unlike the Firebird head config file manager, the Vulcan
> configuration manager understands the meta-syntax for objects
> (<object> ... </object>) and parameters, but has no builtin
> knowledge of object type or parameter names. Objects can be
> chained, e.g. the provider chained to the database, so
> parameter inherit. Before we're done we'll have object
> definitions for servers, databases, providers, security
> plugins, maybe functions, and who knows what else?

Is this something that has just been thought of or is it existing
functionality that will be making it into version 2/3 of FB.


Si Carter
TECT Software Ltd