Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Nice to have features for ISP's Hosting FB (imo)
Author Jim Starkey
Simon Carter wrote:

>>>UDFs could be defined in the configuration files.
>I like this idea, being able to specify udf in a global config would have
>huge advantages, obviously the implementation would be more difficult :-)
It shouldn't be difficult at all. A quick iteration through the
configuration object to find the function declaration then a zip through
each function to pick up the parameters, check the results into the
FunctionManager (which also needs to be written), and Bob's your uncle.

Unlike the Firebird head config file manager, the Vulcan configuration
manager understands the meta-syntax for objects (<object> ... </object>)
and parameters, but has no builtin knowledge of object type or parameter
names. Objects can be chained, e.g. the provider chained to the
database, so parameter inherit. Before we're done we'll have object
definitions for servers, databases, providers, security plugins, maybe
functions, and who knows what else?

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