Subject Nice to have features for ISP's Hosting FB (imo)
Author Simon Carter
The following is a list of what I would consider nice to have features when
hosting fb 1.5 in an isp environment. My apologies if some/all have been
suggested before as I'm new to the list.

1. Alias Manager API - I have searched but have not found anything
about this.
2. Ability to disable users.
3. Ability to assign users to databases, preferably using security.fdb.
4. Improved logging, allow:
- Log failed connections.
- Log successful connections (user and database).
- log ip address for all log items
- change log file to delimited format for easy importing into other
- Log bandwidth (in/out) by user - Maybe too much but worth asking
- Log code for easy searching of log's
- Maybe using security.fdb for logs (this might not be too clever in
long run)
- Daily log files instead of 1 all encompassing log file.
5. Option to disable non sysdba use of server api functions.
6. Ability to ban ip that has N failed connection attempts in specified
time period.
7. Global UDF's that do not have to be declared in each database.

I might have forgotten some things off my list and I can appreciate that for
many the things I have asked for will not be relevant but for isp use, the
extra logging would be very useful (even if it had slight performance
impact), I should now add imo :-).

Kind Rgds

Si Carter
TECT Software Ltd