Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] WAL and JOURNAL
Author Jim Starkey
Paul Beach wrote:

>I'm late on this, just catching up on my mail after being away. If anyone feels
>the need
>to re-write, start WAL from scratch they can use the original 1.0x/1.5 CVS
>trees to
>see how it worked/didn't work. Now is the time to consign WAL to room 101.
Paul, I'm happy to report that WAL was found hiding in little rathole
underground, has been captured, and is being held in an undisclosed
location. WAL has been given a fair, public trial, and is having been
found guilty of not ever having worked, obscurity, bad design, bad
implementation, and crimes against humanity, has been sentenced to death
by delete key. Rather than waiting for official notification by CVS,
freedom loving peoples all over the world are individually and
separately exterminating WAL and his evil henchment from their own
development trees. Down with WAL! Long live the Firebird Republic!