Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] WAL and JOURNAL
Author Paul Beach
> Does the WAL (Write Ahead Log) facility have any future? After spending some
> weeks reading here and there, it seems to me almost impossible that it can
> work. Maybe I'm exaggerate, but I smell screwed logic here and there. Also,
> some of the utilities seem unusable or outdated.
> Therefore, I want to ask the "big powers": can/should WAL be yanked from FB
> v2? Being the code reviewer, it would be silly to take such a decision for
> myself and give very bad example to other committers. Furthermore, I
> recently reached 33 y.o. and don't want to be crucified by the rest of the
> devs due to a "political" mistake.
> :-)

I'm late on this, just catching up on my mail after being away. If anyone feels
the need
to re-write, start WAL from scratch they can use the original 1.0x/1.5 CVS
trees to
see how it worked/didn't work. Now is the time to consign WAL to room 101.