Subject WAL and JOURNAL
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
People, I think that wiping out a subsystem can be considered a high level
decision, hence I'm using this list instead of fb-devel.

Does the WAL (Write Ahead Log) facility have any future? After spending some
weeks reading here and there, it seems to me almost impossible that it can
work. Maybe I'm exaggerate, but I smell screwed logic here and there. Also,
some of the utilities seem unusable or outdated.

Therefore, I want to ask the "big powers": can/should WAL be yanked from FB
v2? Being the code reviewer, it would be silly to take such a decision for
myself and give very bad example to other committers. Furthermore, I
recently reached 33 y.o. and don't want to be crucified by the rest of the
devs due to a "political" mistake.

Would it be too much if I ask in the same email for the future of
jrd/jrn.cpp and its relatives in the "journal" directory?

Maybe we need to start a clean new year.

Claudio Valderrama C.
Consultant, SW developer. -