Subject RE: [Firebird-Architect] WAL and JOURNAL
Author David Schnepper
I say yank both WAL and jrn.

a) This code was originally written for Interbase 4.0 - around 1991/1992.
b) Two full time engineers were working on it for 1+ years.
c) It never shipped for 4.0 due to performance and reliability problems.
All I recall is there were bugs that kept coming up, so it was
turned off to no-longer-delay 4.0 shipment.
d) To my knowledge, no one has tried to turn it back on since 4.0 days.

I think it unlikely that anyone in the open source community is going to
go though all the existing WAL/Jrn code, understand it, bring it up to
date, and fix the subtle (or not so subtle) bugs that existed in the

Frankly, if someone wants to write a WAL/Jrn module, I'd say scrap the
existing code -- perhaps use it for some ideas about WHERE things must
be modified - but start over with a fresh design. And a CVS history record
regarding the removal of the code would be fine for someone to
jumpstart a new implementation.

However, one caution, make a consious decision whether this should change
the ODS - don't just blindly remove all the code.


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> Subject: [Firebird-Architect] WAL and JOURNAL
> People, I think that wiping out a subsystem can be considered a high level
> decision, hence I'm using this list instead of fb-devel.
> Does the WAL (Write Ahead Log) facility have any future? After
> spending some
> weeks reading here and there, it seems to me almost impossible that it can
> work. Maybe I'm exaggerate, but I smell screwed logic here and
> there. Also,
> some of the utilities seem unusable or outdated.
> Therefore, I want to ask the "big powers": can/should WAL be
> yanked from FB
> v2? Being the code reviewer, it would be silly to take such a decision for
> myself and give very bad example to other committers. Furthermore, I
> recently reached 33 y.o. and don't want to be crucified by the rest of the
> devs due to a "political" mistake.
> :-)
> Would it be too much if I ask in the same email for the future of
> jrd/jrn.cpp and its relatives in the "journal" directory?
> Maybe we need to start a clean new year.
> C.
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> Claudio Valderrama C.
> Consultant, SW developer.
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