Subject Re[4]: [Firebird-Architect] selecting from multiple databases
Author Daniel Rail
Hello Paul,

Friday, June 6, 2003, 4:34:12 AM, you wrote:

PB> 1. The functionality is there at the embedded SQL layer and the API
PB> 2. Its also there in GDML (QLI)
PB> 3. Its not surfaced in the SQL layer
PB> 4. Firebird supports the concept of database handles to allow you to
PB> manipulate multiple databases at a time within queries....
PB> 5. And yes - it could be surfaced, but its a non trivial task.

Probably the best approach would be to re-evaluate what is there and
see how it could be expanded/improved. Also, have the possibility, as
Jim suggested, to be able to connect arbitrarily to other RDBMS
systems via an ODBC/JDBC driver. This would probably facilitate
replication in some cases, or even data copying between FB databases
and/or FB servers and/or other RDBMS systems. I think that being able
to connect to other RDBMS systems is a must, but maybe for FB 3.0.
When it is to be implemented, it should be done all the way, not just
partially(meaning connectivity to other RDBMS systems as well).

Full SMP support in FB 2.0 SS is a higher priority.

Best regards,