Subject Re: Re[2]: [Firebird-Architect] Index structures
Author Arno Brinkman
Hi Jim,

> >It is not possible with the current index-structure.
> >So my idea is for unique-index-key-lengths <= 8 (or user can force to use
> >them) to store the full key in the index. This way we can do faster
> >inserts/deletes/searches. I've already implemented in my local tree to
> >how much (or not) performance it would bring. The speed-win on queries
> >(ofcourse where the index is used) is about 30-50% and the index-pages
> >by 50% !
> Doesn't sound right. Let's see your raw data.

What doesn't seem right ?
What do want to see?

Quick explanation :
Instead of walking over all nodes (what only can in the old structure) i
have done this (in short explantion):

compare key with node
if key is equal find the first node and return.
if key is smaller, calculate new smaller offset and jump to begin
if key is bigger, calculate new higher offset and jump to begin
offset is calculate always the half between the last know maximum and
minimum offset.

Arno Brinkman