Subject Re: selecting from multiple databases
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Dear Jim, All,

Forgive me when I'm saying something
really stupid in my first posting to this groups:

> >MP> What i want to ask is about connecting to muliple
> >MP> databases in interbase , it is possible to be
> >MP> implemented into firebirdsql ?
> >So I believe that the task at hand is not small and would require
> >quite some work and a very good knowledge of the engine.
> The short answer is no.

Isn't the multiple database issue only about names (and

You have database A with tables U, V and W and database
B with tables X, Y and Z.

This Firebird can't handle today.

But if you have a single database with tables A_U, A_V, A_W,
B_X, B_Y and B_Z (with matching definitions of tables), you
have the same logical structure and Firebird can handle it.

So the only (ahem) problem is, that there is no easy way to
isolate the A and the B part of this uber-database.

Best Regards,
Peter Jacobi