Subject Re: Phoenix web browser renamed to Firebird
Author uptownb0y
--- In, Paul Schmidt
<pschmidt@i...> wrote:
> the issue is, was the choice of Firebird as a new name done by
> accident, or was it done intentionally, because
> realized that the name wasn't registered, and they could gained
> some popularity, by hijacking another open source programs name?

I did find "proof" that Asa, the person who was responsible for
choosing the new name, was aware of the Firebird database project.

He posted this to MozillaZine back in December:

"What does a relational database have to do with a web browser.
Trademark law says that there has to be customer confusion before you
have a problem. The chances of someone confusing a web browser and a
relational database are about as slim as someone confusing a loaf of
bread and a bananna." --Asa


Best of luck to the FB team in dealing with this situation. I don't
expect Mozilla to change the name they chose, unless considerable
pressure is exerted on them to do so. But they ought to be "shamed"
in as many places as possible.