Subject Phoenix web browser renamed to Firebird
Author uptownb0y

There's some controversy, at Slashdot, the Mozilla forums, and
elsewhere, about the use of the "Firebird" name for their renamed web
browser. Several people pointed out that in the open-source
community, it is rude and disrespectful to knowingly take the name of
an existing and prominent open-source project like the Firebird
database project. The Mozilla forums are at: The Slashdot thread

I am curious if anyone else has heard about this, and if so, what are
your thoughts about it? I personally think that it is incredibly
wrong, whether it is legally wrong or not. They are trademarking the
name "Firebird", with TM symbols all over the place. The people
involved were fully aware of the Firebird database project, as proved
by the message threads in the Mozilla forums.

What does this mean for the future of the Firebird name?

"After months of discussion and further months of legal
investigation, we're finally comfortable moving forward with new
names. The new name for the Phoenix browser is "Firebird". The
documentation and product strings will be updated soon. In addition
to securing the Firebird name, we've also got the OK, from those
contributing legal resources, to use the name "Thunderbird" for an
email client. Hopefully this will be the end of naming legal issues
for a while."