Subject RE: [Firebird-devel] Re: [IB-Architect] Classic vs SuperServer wa s IB/FB Lock manager failures
Author Ignacio J. Ortega
Hola a todos:

I dont remember this "feature" of copying message from IB_architect,
disscussed anywhere, this simply started to happen one day, i wonder if
it's considered nice by someone, but i rather feel that it's annoying
and cumbersome, if there are 2 lists well use them, if one of them it's
useless, as i consider ib-architect ( i dont think one can "architect"
FB without at least being involved in his development), well close it,
and let people know the fact.., but to insist copying the messages it's
a waste of bandwidth, time, and it's goes directly against the sense of
subscriber maillists.

Saludos ,
Ignacio J. Ortega