Subject Re: Re[2]: [IB-Architect] IB/FB Lock manager failures
Author Paul Beach
> AFAICT Jim wrote the original Interbase code (please correct me if I am
wrong), so
> maybe someone could explain to those of us who are less into the Interbase
> how we ended up with two variations of the same theme. Namely Classic and
> Super Servers.

From memory....

Jim did write the original InterBase code - no question about that.....
However Jim did not write the SuperServer variant, the SS version first
appeared in InterBase 4.2 on NT
When Classic was first delivered in did exactly what it was required to
(generally), considering the computing environments of the day.
The SS code was originally developed in an attempt to overcome some of the
shortcomings of Classic. And to have a version of InterBasethat ran more
efficently on NT....
It can be argued that the Classic to SS conversion could have been done more
efficiently and better, however a rewriting and rearchitecting of the code
for SS from scratch would have effectively meant that a version of InterBase
would not have been delivered for a significant period of time, a major
issue when you have to provide an upgrade every year :-)
I have an internal architectural discussion document somewhere, but
unfortunately I am travelling at the moment and don't have a copy on my