Subject Re: Re[2]: [IB-Architect] IB/FB Lock manager failures
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 05:12 PM 9/17/2002 -0400, Paul Schmidt wrote:

>AFAICT Jim wrote the original Interbase code (please correct me if I am wrong)


>maybe someone could explain to those of us who are less into the Interbase
>how we ended up with two variations of the same theme. Namely Classic and
>Super Servers.

The original architecture (classic) was designed for
timesharing systems and VAX clusters - processors that
share disk but not memory. For remote access there
was a server on the database side that accepted incoming
connections. Originally, there was one server for
each connection. That began to run into process limits,
so InterBase developed a shared server. People were
unhappy that queries ran serially, so the server was
changed to switch back and forth between queries.

That version of the remote server became the superserver.

>Perhaps if there were an explaination behind the reasoning, it would be
>easier to
>understand for everyone involved, and perhaps someone can come up with some
>ideas to replace both with a new integrated server.
>Paul Schmidt, President
>Tricat Technologies
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