Subject GPRE -pa
Author MichaƂ Kulczycki

I wonder why gpre still doesn't support Pascal (eg. Delphi)? Embedded SQL is
a great feature (I think so especially when I read that some IB features are
available only in esql or API), but why only embedd SQL in C?

I am not very experienced in IB, so I may be wrong. However, I did my
homework, and searched the Intrnet thoroughly. What I found out:
a) gpre generally supports (-ed?) Pascal
b) in commercial IB enabling gpre -pa required separate license

I have four version of IB/FB, namel: IB 5, 6 & FB 1, 1.5a4 - non of them
supports Pascal.
Is Pascal output still under some licensing? If so why? Or maybe it wasn't
"ported" to FB? (I found corresponding unit in CVS tree
(firebird/interbase/gpre/pas.c) and I can see someone someone works on it.
But at the moment it doesn't work.


Michal Kulczycki
michal at meurs pl