Subject Embedded compiler?
Author adem

I have been meaning to ask this for a while, but wasn't sure where
to do so. I hope this is not the wrong place. Anyway, here it is:

Is it not a good idea to embed a proper compiler (no offence, BTW)
such as Free Pascal (aka, FPK) into FB. AFAIK, FPK exists in almost
all FB does and FPK is a very good Delphi-like compiler.

The reason why I am bringing up this issue may be obvious, but here
are my motives:

-- We would not have to do mental switch everytime we need to write
a stored procedure or a trigger in FB. And, for those who are
familiar with Delphi/Kylix, learning curve would be a breeze too.

-- We would not need UDFs that need to be compiled for every new
platform, FB could compile them by itsef.

I daresay such addition would not add much to the footprint.

Was the reason not to do so something like this a historic one
(i.e. nothing suitable vailable at the time) or something deeper
than that?

Would the much more experienced comment whether this has the
benefits I mentioned, or it has possible drawbacks that would
make the idea pathatic.

Any comments would be welcome.