Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Will this help in SS discussion?
Author Jim Starkey
At 07:34 AM 11/18/02 +1100, Jan Mikkelsen wrote:
>Jim Starkey wrote:
>> That's a simple question. It's impossible to debug multi-threaded
>> under load on Linux. The fundamental problem is that pthreads
>> uses signal to wake up other threads, but gdb intercepts all
>> signals then forwards them to the target process(es). Utterly
>> hopeless.
>One of the fundamental differences in the new libraries is that signal
>handling is fixed. Whether it is fixed enough, I don't know, but there
>is at least hope.

That may well be the case. But I'm going to wait until well after
somebody else convinces me that somebody in Linux-land is familiar
with the concept of upwards compatible before I even think about

Jim Starkey