Subject Helping newcomers to learn..
Author Ignacio J. Ortega
Hola a todos:

I would very helpfull, if discussions about current code design added
pointers to where exactly the functionality discussed lies ( file/line
), it would be a invaluable learning tool for those like me, that want
to learn FB internals, but can devote huge amounts of time to such a

I can wait, it's not a problem, i expect to be related to FB for long
time now and in the future, but understanding internals and code design
as quick as possible, would help newcomers to help on development the
sooner than the later..

And i know ( at least partly ) much of the docos already written in the
subject, but having at hand during a discussion the complete code
bibliography needed would alleviate highly the pain.. and minimize all
newcomers time to the ability to help..

Thanks in advance, and sorry if bothered someone with my naiveness..

Ignacio J. Ortega