Subject ib6 or firebird ?
because i don't are a interbase expert i want to post a question to

i'm begin to use interbase 6 for a massive project....... now i know
that the old (and original writers) engineers of IB start a group for
making the next interbase opensource project called FIREBIRD ..... i
also know that borland continue the interbase project itself.....

the members count of sourceforge section of borland-interbase source
tree is of 10 (ten) developers ( i don't know any )....

the members of the new firebird project into sourceforge count 50
developer, and of these i know harrison, etc, the original writers of
the engine .....

now ..... what engine to choice ? Interbase 6 borland ? Firebird 1.0
from ibphoenix (original writers ). And the future ? We can expect 2
different engines, and 2 different formats ?

Can someone have experience with firebird 1 ?
Can firebird 1 have solved the main problems of ib6 official ?
- a best managing of the cache ( the 10.000 pages of limit .... and
the manager isn't dynamic but static in ib6 )
- a best support for SMP systems
- a best support of native NT performance enhancements ( overlapped
I/O, IOCompletionPorts for working threads, and using
criticalsections with affinitymask and not the orrible mutex/locking
obsolete mechanism? )
I'm very confusing.... maybe my choice is mySQL, i found a good
direct interface for delphi !

IB6 or Firebird ?

Thank for any response ( sorry for bad english :-).